Welcome to Plus1Aviation!

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Hello! My name is Patrick, I am 34 years old and live in Austria.
I am a professional airline pilot (B787) and freelance EASA IRI(A) – Instrument Rating Instructor – with 10+ years of aviation industry experience and 6000+ hours on single/multi engine pistons, turboprops and jets. Meeting fellow pilots, flying together, mentoring and instructing are my passions.

That’s why I created Plus1Aviation to support individual Private Owner/Pilots like you for reaching your personal flying goals on “another level” through my unmatched dedication!

  • Flight Instruction
    Do you seek flight instruction, for instance towards an EASA Instrument Rating, but your life and schedule do not fit into the set and sometimes inflexible ways of flight schools or you prefer to train in your own plane, for example during an EASA CB IR (Competency Based Instrument Rating) Course?
  • Mentoring
    Are you interested in getting a head start of real world flying experience to build your confidence safely by flying with an experienced mentor pilot?
  • Aircraft Management
    Are you interested in assistance concerning the tedious ongoing tasks of airplane ownership including maintenance (CAMO, CAO, PART-ML, AMP editing), registration and legal requirements pertaining to EASA NCO/NCC operation? I specialize in sourcing the best maintenance regime, finding suitable maintenance organizations, locating hangar space out of base, or assisting you in flight planning, PPR requests, ferrying your plane and more.
  • IFR Refresher Training
    Didn’t fly as much as you had planned lately and aren’t as fit and current as you want to be? I can provide you with custom tailored IFR refresher training according to your needs.
  • Aircraft Acquisition
    Do you want to buy “the right” personal airplane but are too overwhelmed with choices and need guidance to find the best fit for your budget and mission?

I can support you in any of the above scenarios and many more. If it involves flying and airplanes, I can deliver! Please inquire here.